Jawana Hendrix

Tue, 31 Aug 2021
September 13, 2022
Jawana Hendrix

Meet Jawana, but we call her “Jay”

Jay found our gym while searching for nutrition help. We hadn’t even started our nutrition program officially. She checked out our website and was also interested in our CrossFit Kid classes. She is a mom to 4 beautiful kiddos and homeschools them all. She was looking for something for the older boys to get involved with to increase their activity. She called and we chatted! Turns out we had many similarities and knew she would be a great fit for our CrossFit family. The boys came out and tried a class and loved it. Jay was intrigued herself about CrossFit so the next time they came out she tried a class as well. We signed up Jay and her two oldest kiddos for CrossFit memberships and when I had my nutrition program up and going we started Jay with that as well. Fast forward to 4 months and now we have 3 of the 4 kiddos in CrossFit classes. (Young Amaya participates for fun every now and then 😃 ) Jay is still doing CrossFit and continue Nutrition coaching and is seeing amazing results! Hear her story!

What prompted you to sign up for nutrition coaching?

I was looking to make a change in what I was eating and wanted accountability to get started.

How has nutrition coaching helped you?

I love Coach Jill and the HSN platform that she uses for nutrition coaching! She doesn't just stick you on the latest fad diet. With any life change, the goal is to identify the pitfalls and enhance and build upon the strengths. And we do just that. I finally have an obtainable eating plan that doesn't just totally take out everything I like but helps to incorporate things that are a little harder to get in. The nutrition coaching has helped me to obtain nutrition goals a lot easier than in the past.

What has been your results so far?

Physically, I have lost 15lbs and tons of inches. State of mind, it has been nice to be able to maintain my energy through the whole day and not be bogged down from eating things that wipe out my energy. It's also been awesome trying new foods and new ideas to get protein in my diet.

What would you say to someone considering coaching at Saddle Up CrossFit?

Absolutely, try it! It doesn't hurt to try it, but I have a good feeling once you start working with Coach Jill, you will be hooked and continue on!!!

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